How do I prepare my skin for the tan?

Fresh and clean skin is the best canvas for your spray tan. Shower, shave, and exfoliate before your appointment, but avoid salt and sugar scrubs. Do not apply oils, lotion, deodorant, makeup, or perfume the day of your appointment.

What do I wear to my appointment? 

We recommend you wear or bring loose, dark clothing and flip flops to your appointment. We provide disposal thongs for your comfort and convenience. Friction from a sports bra or tight clothing can cause fading, so avoid tight fitting clothing.

When can I shower or exercise?

Do not shower or sweat excessively for at least 8 hours after your appointment. Rapid tan clients can shower roughly 2 hours post tan. After showering, pat dry with towel, but do not scrub skin.

Will I turn orange?

Absolutely Not! Our solutions are designed to give a natural glow, and we customize each tan to your skin tone and desired result. 

How long will my tan last?

Your tan should last 7-10 days with proper after care. Moisturize regularly, but avoid harsh chemicals, exfoliants, or heavy oils. To make your tan last longer, learn more about our Tan Extending skin care line.

What is your cancellation policy?

24 hours notice required to cancel an appointment, or there is a charge of 50% of the service total booked. For groups and Bridal Packages & Parties, 3 days notice is required or the initial deposit is non-refundable. The deposit for groups is 50% of the service total at time of booking.