New to the STV lineup, Customized Tinted Sunscreen made exclusively for you during your appointment. Your custom blend sunscreen is formulated to match your newly glowing skin tone post spray tan. 

STV's tinted sunscreen is SPF30, provides light coverage, and can be blended with a variety of botanicals, i.e. anti-aging or firming properties.  The formula is non-comedogenic and can be worn year round for sun protection.

Available for purchase at your appointment: $55 (1 oz)


We use an organic solution developed by Aviva Labs. The solution is oil, alcohol, and fragrance free. The top two ingredients are Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a sugar derivative and bronzer. 

Skin Glow Tan Extender is a moisturizing lotion with DHA that helps protect and extend the life of your tan. Not all moisturizers are designed for sunless tanning, and contain ingredients that actually increase fading and discoloration. Using Skin Glow Tan Extender, you will notice less fading and more even skin tone for the life of your tan.

Available for purchase at your appointment: $20 (tax included)


Deep Clean Pecan Shell Exfoliant is designed specifically for spray tanning. This pre-tan product allows you to extend the life of your tan for up to 3 days. Its non-abrasive formula removes dead skin cells without leaving an oily residue, which inhibits the development of your tan. It is gentle enough to use on both your face and your body.

Available for purchase at your appointment: $20 (tax included)


Keep your lips moisturized all year round with The Sun Tan Van Vanilla Chapstick. The STV chapstick provides protection to your lips from the harmful rays of the sun with SPF 15.  

Available for purchase at your appointment: $2 (tax included)


The Sun Tan Van Hoodie is the ideal accessory to throw on after your spray tan, on the way to the gym, or just on a chilly day. It’s fleece lining and relaxed fit make it the most comfortable lounge wear.

Available for purchase at your appointment: $35 (tax included)